I Like Tattoos. I Like Taxidermy. Gray Anything. I Like Interior Design And Fashion. Diamonds. I Like Girls. I Like Gold. Cigarettes And Coffee And Lace. I Like Red. I Like Piercings. Trailer Park Chic. I Like Bow Ties. I Like Pretty Words.

I Own Nothing, Unless I Say So.

14th June 2013

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5th May 2013

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6th February 2013

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Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway

Hey! Follow Unusual Novelty for great pictures.

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17th October 2012

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16th September 2012

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30th August 2012

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28th August 2012

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20th June 2012

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17th March 2012

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1st November 2011

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14th September 2011

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26th August 2011

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12th August 2011

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1st August 2011

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31st July 2011

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